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Do you need to sell your home fast?
Connaught is always looking for homes to purchase.

If you require a fast sale of your property – do not hesitate to contact Connaught for a professional, obligation-free chat.

Connaught offers the following benefits:

Very fast completion
Connaught will purchase your property within 10 working days.  We also have a 48 hour completion option.

Immediate decision

Connaught will give you a decision within 24 hrs.

No estate agents selling fee
Unlike estate agents, a sale with connaught will incur no sales fee.

No legal fees

Connaught will pay your legal (conveyancing) fees, saving you up to £1,500.

Any condition

Connaught will purchase properties irrespective of condition and location.

If you are thinking of selling, please phone or email a member of our helpful team.
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